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I am a bit of a control nut, and love specifying “Systems” and categorizing stuff, so……I have coined a phrase!

"Half a dozen two three"


 (Half {halve} a dozen, two {from} three)

A formula for the statistical analysis of choices, soon to be a common phrase.

We all make choices on a day to day basis, unthinking and automatically, because we have the experience on which to base the elimination of poor choices and select the best (personal) choice, driven by our life learnt and perceived opinion. But what happens when a subject is not within your experience, then you seek advice from others.

Question? How do you? What's the best? Which one?

There are always a 'dozen' answers, some are just plain wrong, some are right, but which of the right comes out top?

There will probably be very little argument about those that are bad, but the other half (right/good) will cause emotive and differing plea's from as many individuals

If its easy to discard the half that are wrong, then its far more difficult to drive down to the "Right" answer in those left. In truth, there probably isn't one!

Of the six good ones, it usually boils down to about three being OK, but they come with too many detractions/negatives, so that leaves us with a remainder of three.

Of those, weighing up the merits, usually one is a good answer but just doesn’t quite offer as many advantages as the remaining two, though some may see this third option as their personal preference.

We then get to two! Which is the better? Both have advantages and a debate will become heated, but in reality, there is little to choose between them and it boils down to your personal preference.

Mathematical expression:-

12 / 2 = 6 not wrong

6 / 2 = 3 better

3 - 1 = 2 best

When it comes to advice, don’t take the first answer, eliminate the bad, discount three of the half that is left, home in on the three better ones, then choose the top two (down to you which one to finally choose as the winner)

There is no definitive right, there is definitely a lot of wrongs, but there are only one or two best choices and a third that might be best suited to you!

Remember advice is always biased, Half a dozen two three!

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This term is my personal observation and is not a general or accepted mathematical theory.

Don’t get hung up about it, its actually just a verbalisation of what most people do when addressing a problem/choice with a logical mind.

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