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A guide to the many options to make your level crossing actually move!

Automation of level crossing Guide

Level Crossing (Barrier)

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Supply list

Plastic Level Crossing gates

2mm diameter brass rod (or slightly larger)

Brass tube slightly larger in internal bore than the brass rod

Electrical (Choccy block) connectors

1mm Piano wire (or 0.8 or 1.2)

SG90 servo

Mounting screws (see text)

Servo bracket (see Note 1)

Araldite (two part epoxy)

Servo controller (see Note 2)

An anatomy

Here is my design to move the barrier of a Level Crossing

There are two designs, one for direct drive (I have called it Vertical) and the second is indirect (I have called it Horizontal) and is a little more low profile if space under the board is limited.

The Vertical design shown is for one servo per gate, but can be multiplied for two or four.

The horizontal design could be done with 2 or 4 servo's, but could equally be split into a tree of rods to drive all.

Here are the pic's of the design for the vertical direct drive type


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