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I have now decided that solenoid points are out and stall motors too! Servo’s are the solution!

The problem is they need a driver, having investigated MERG and Arduino as solutions, I have decided to get  Megapoints


As I needed changeover control for the live frogs and servo’s inherently don't give contacts, a suitable bracket and micro-switches needs to be developed {current project}

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I originally decided I would use MRC Prodigy control for the DCC, but after considerable research, I have now decided to go for NCE PowerCab initially and upgrade to the SB5 booster at a later stage. I will not go to Power Pro, as I dont need computer control and feedback.


I have always liked SEEP motors, but having researched points, decided I wanted to have “Live” frog PECO Electrofrog turnouts, this means I need an extra changeover switch. I am currently contemplating using DCC Concept’s COBALT motors, as they have two changeover switches built in.

However, as I need about 40, the cost is highly pertinent, so have been considering servo motors and maybe MERG circuits to drive them, but have just discovered PECO do a 4 way servo controller!

Needs further investigation! Watch this space!

Peco PLS-125 Single Servo Motor

Ref: PLS-125

Peco PLS-100 SmartSwitch

Ref: PLS-100

Mid 2017


I have now added several more pages to the Tips section and will be adding more sections as I get time to write and upload

The two 6 foot long base boards have been made for over a year and are now fully populated with track, servo point motors (with Megapoints card driving them) , ballasted and beginning to complete the station and static grass.

End 2017

Website links

I have decided to expand the Links page to have a list of all the useful sites I have found. Doing a web search is OK if you know exactly what to put in, but if you are looking for a list of suppliers that is related to a particular subject, it may not find all of them, so I will catalogue by product, so there is a list of definite sites that further research will get you to what you want.

June 2018

Special loads

I have now completed two projects, they are both special wagons for oversize loads, not sure how to display them, I may have to add a new picture gallery!

(Sneak preview in the slide show, on front ‘home’ page} and here is the video’s Project 1 & Project 2

Apr 2018

Tea chests

I have now added some pfd’s of sheets of Tea crates for printing and applying to blocks

I have also vamped the navigation bar and added a ‘How to’ section

Mar 2018

Tips 700

There is now a new page in tips for Scratch building, its been a busy month!


Having created my garage Four post and Single car lifts, I need some automation to drive the servo’s, thus I bit the bullet and had a bash at programming an Arduino. After a few battles, I have managed it! It won’t be long before I join the hardware together and will have something nearly complete!


A new guide page has been added for coach lighting

Jan 2018

Pdf downloads

I have created an automated spreadsheet that can populate a pdf with variable features to make Wagon Tarpaulins for printing at home! Just a few samples at the moment, but I will expand it and tweak as I get feedback of their usefulness. Check out the NEW shop page.

July 2018

New easier URL

Lumsdonia has a new home!

With its own Domain on the net.  www.lumsdonia.co.uk

I will redirect the old pages to the new address, but

Please bookmark the new address

Sep 2018

New How To added:-

Layout Dust Cover sheet

Links updated with over 20 new addresses

Aug 2018

New Guides front page

Three new guides added:-




Links updated with over 25 new addresses and two new categories

Nov/Dec 2018

Two new videos on my YouTube channel:-

Animated Windmill Diorama in OO : How to build a working Windmill scene Part 1 and a complimentary show of the two prizes that I won for it on P1MRC forum!

Over 30 more links added to the links page

Oct 2018

Three new videos on my YouTube channel:-

How To make a removable Mineral Wagon Load

Stop motion promo for my Windmill diorama

Wigan Model Railway Exhibition 2018