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Modular systems


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A range of wall components that can be combined in any configuration in low wall version and high.

Choice of plain brick, three types of concrete decorative blocks and railings. Add either flat capping's or ball type


 OO/O Scale

 Modular wall system

This is a 3D printed item. Ready to be painted (and weathered) with acrylic or enamel paints. Our products are much better quality, designed for better fidelity, closer to prototypical dimensions than some of our competitors products.

This sub category covers items that are classified as a modular system component

A range of components to enable a multi story concrete building. Ply wood with holes drilled in a regular spacing arrangement that the pillars will locate in. Complete floors can be constructed and wall/ windows added, or a ‘under construction’ can be built with components for the top and stairs that are ‘incomplete’ (rebar showing)


 OO/O Scale

 Multi story carpark or offices

Future release


 Office/factory panels

Future release

Designed around a frame of 5mm wood, these brick panels can be fitted between the ‘concrete’ pillars of the frame

 OO/O Scale