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 Vehicle Exhausts

Tyres, stacks, individual small, medium, large and tractor types and in a storage rack


 OO/O Scale


Future release

Vehicle related


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A set of 26 various sizes, lengths and types of discarded vehicle exhaust pipes, including car, lorry, van and motorcycle. Intended for a scrap pile, laying at the side of the road, driveway car repairs, garage/tyre centre waste heap or just on the scrappies scrap heap. May also be used as new parts!


 OO/O Scale

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 Roll on roll off

RoRo tip hook skip with door open or closed

 OO Scale


 Petrol pumps

Petrol pumps printed in clear resin, can be LED lit from underneath, interchangeable signs for different brands

 OO/O Scale


 Petrol can

5 Gallon Jerry cans

 OO/O Scale

This is a 3D printed item. Ready to be painted (and weathered) with acrylic or enamel paints. Our products are much better quality, designed for better fidelity, closer to prototypical dimensions than some of our competitors products.

This sub category covers items that are classified as vehicle related

Future release