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A selection of links to my downloadable pdf’s for you to print  

Downloadable items (Trackside Accessories)


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Select a picture to download the pdf of your chosen print.

These are the first few samples created by my excel spreadsheet. Virtually all dimensions, as well as fonts, text size and content can be easily modified.  I have taken a stab at what size they should be, but I will take any comments/requests if you think they need correction or you have a particular need for a variety not shown.

I will be adding more choices of colour and text in the future, bookmark this page and keep coming back.

P.S. I have not tried, but if these OO scale prints are are resized, they may do for N and O gauge.

Please feel free to voice your opinions in the comments page or on NMR forum

Free to download


Tea Pdf Page

Section 01

Tea Chests (packing cases) {Narrow}

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Tea Pdf Page

Section 02

Tea Chests (packing cases) {Wide}

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Click on the chosen print and when the pdf loads on a new webpage, either print the page or download the file then print from that.

Set your printer to its best quality

Using a knife with a straight edge to cut out or scissors

Cut and shape balsa, wood or plastic and glue to the block. Blocks should be about 10mm tall and 6-7mm multiples for the widths.

Use a silver paint pen to emphasise the edge strips

Single chests

Rows of four

Rows of five

Block of Four wide by 2 & 3

Block of Five wide by 2 & 3

Block of Six wide by 3 & 5


Tea Pdf Page

Section 03

Tea Chests (packing cases) {Special}

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Special Single chests

New improved V1.1!

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Windows now released !